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Dobbin Mill is a hand papermaking studio in New York City, founded in 1989. Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with easy access to Manhattan and the other boros, the studio offers spacious facilities: a professional papermaking studio, an artist book studio, a courtyard for working outdoors, and a papermaker's garden.

The paper mill consists of a 400 square foot wet floor, a separate beater room with a 2 lb. Reina beater, a 50 ton hydraulic press with a 40" platen width, pulp spraying equipment, numerous vats and moulds of various sizes, all in a studio working space with a wide range of fibers and accessory implements for exploring the art and craft of hand papermaking.

The focus of the work in the Mill is the production of Silverberg's artwork. It additionally produces the paper used in Dobbin Books' artist book collaborations.

Dobbin Mill has a commitment to educating others about hand papermaking. As such, each year, Silverberg takes one or two interns into her studios to gain knowledge and practice in the field. She also teaches workshops in a wide range if subjects concerning the book artist, paper artist, and papermaker.

BELOW: Still from "Brooklyn Makes" by Sarah Nelson Wright, 2009 [Click image to see the film]