A Nightmare’s Resolution

A Nightmare’s Resolution, 2007 / Edition of 10 / Archival inkjet & handwriting in ink on Dobbin Mill papers / Text by the artist

Size: 4.5” x 2.5” x 1”

From the Pratt Institute Libraries Special Collections

This small book set focuses on both the meaning and visual presentation of the manuscript. It repeatedly tries to resolve a nightmare: my father is killed in a dream. Each book repeats the text of the dream sequence by printing the edited version from the previous volume, along with additional hand-written editing and commentary. Part therapy and part hyper-reality, this process continues over the four books until acceptance can be found.

Additional thoughts:

Nightmare's Resolution, 2005 / Series of 2 / Archival inkjet & ink on Dobbin Mill papers, human hair / Text by the artist.


Fourth in the dustpan series, this book object examines an actual nightmare where my father is killed. My feelings for him are approached & considered over the course of the 4 volumes.  The small books and dustpan covered in text and images comprised the first version of this book object; the edition of 10 was the result of my desire to focus the content within books alone.