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All About Women

2007 / Edition of 20 / Archival inkjet printing on Dobbin Mill papers

Size: 12” x 6.5” x.5”

“In All About Women, Robbin Ami Silverberg prints proverbs on hand-made papers.  Grouped by themes like “Women and Death, Women and Knowledge, Women and Sex and Good vs. Evil”, the multi-cultural proverbs explore perceptions about women globally. The artist book functions in a few very interesting ways. It appears to be pages of fabric, but it is actually made of paper from Silverberg’s Dobbin Mill. The use of textual repetition allows for certain words—The women’s side of the house, women succeed, smart, kitchen, obey, stupid, housewife—to jump out at the reader. And because the textile swatches are layered rather than squarely placed on each other, the reader is able to see multiple layers and therefore experience contrasting ideas about women at the same time. The four groups of swatches are in pamphlets sewn onto a concertina spine, also overlapping each other.  Silverberg is definitely navigating the territory of feminist art practice through both the connotations of domestic materials like fabric and her embrace of decoration that are visible in this very tactile work.”

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