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Am I Here.

1985 & 2020 / Varied edition of 5 / Polymer-plate printing on an assortment of Dobbin Mill rag papers / Archival inkjet photographs on Mohawk Superfine paper / carbon paper collage, penned manuscript notes

7" x 9.5" x 0.5"

June 2020: I found paper that I had made & printed in 1985 for a book about living abroad. At the time, I made an artist proof but not the edition, as I never quite resolved my ideas. I now had papers to make five varied copies of a new edition with a 2020 perspective. 


Photographs were selected from the web of the walls and fences that have altered borders around the world: Egypt-Gaza, Greece-Macedonia, Hungary-Serbia, India-Bangledesh, India-Pakistan, Ireland-Northern Ireland, Israel-Gaza, Israel-Egypt, Israel-Lebanon, Israel-West Bank, Neuperlac, Germany, Spain-Morocco, Turkey-Iran, Turkey-Syria, USA-Mexico& USA-Canada.

Spring 2022: Handwritten texts were added last and vary from copy to copy. They consider my questions on the issues of belonging, loss, immigration, barriers, borders, refugee, and ‘Other’.

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