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Bollards, 1998 / In collaboration with Rosta József & András Böröcz / Unique in a series of 3 / Photography, rubber balls

Size: 16” x 6” x 6” each

The bollard is a stone, metal or concrete architectural form on the corner of portals, built to protect the doorway from damage by moving vehicles. Through sculpture, photo-documentary, & photo-fiction, this collaboration created and re-imagined this object. 

Böröcz built imaginary bollards from a range of materials; Rosta photographed bollards on the streets of Greenpoint, Brooklyn; I made photographs both of objects similar in shape or re-photographed the images as still lifes. Then I   designed and assembled a set of six box objects that the viewer can arrange to function as bollards themselves. Within each one is a maze-like structure with a rubber ball that bounces through it, adding an auditory element to its manipulation. 

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