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Book of Seconds: Memory Loss

Book of Seconds: Memory Loss, 2005 / Series of 15 / Archival inkjet printing, typewriter & handwritten texts by the artist on Dobbin Mill papers / Pulp painting and photo silkscreen-stenciled watermarking

Size: 13.75” x 12” x 1” 

Interspersed through this artist book are small handmade Post-it reminders, with prose thoughts lost to time and memory, a midlife reflection about forgetting. These bits of paper (in the familiar pinks, yellows & blues) are placed on translucent pages, which were made with significant folds and draping. The delicate layering, along with their crisp rattling sound, creates quiet poetry to the reading, adding to the sense of loss and transience. The text, which is printed, typed, and handwritten, is divided into 3 chapters that focus on memory issues: Forgetting Names, Confusing Word Order, and Ideas Without Language.


Additional thoughts: 

In 2005 I began making artwork where the ideas were expressed through mistakes in the process of making handmade paper.  After producing paper for 25 years, I was less challenged by what we call ‘perfect’ paper.  I made translucent abaca pages with purposeful alterations: folds and creases give the paper the feel of another material.  I wanted to activate the substrate, to explore my theme of failing memory. These papers suggested to me the ‘curtain falling on the last act’ I might say.

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