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Bread Head Fables

Bread Head Fables, 1994/2013 / In collaboration with András Böröcz / Bread sculptures by András Böröcz. Photography, papers, framing, compendiums, and binding by Robbin Ami Silverberg

Size: 11” x 19.5” x 3.5”

The book requires the viewer to assemble the diorama that defines the fable. It contains a four-part backdrop and a set of framed photographs of sculptures carved from bread and placed in the Popieluszko Square in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The square was named after the Polish priest who was murdered in 1984 for supporting the Solidarity movement. Seeing and smelling the bread that lay around for the pigeons in the nearby square was the catalyst for using it as a sculptural material. The heads were returned to their place of origin for the making of the book. Almost 20 years later, I added 2 small books to the box, which focus on the history, referenced within.


Additional thoughts:

In 2013 I decided to return to “Bread Head Fables”, as it was an old favorite but I realized that the politics behind the book was missing and it should be included as a part of the story. A new box was constructed (with Lee Marchalonis) that kept the painting of bread from the earlier one and two additional books were added into the clamshell each in their own bag. “News about Popieluszko” is a pamphlet (foldout) concertina with citations taken from ten years of actual news reports. These articles have highlighted text — words many times repeated in the numerous news stories cited, words like murder, kidnap, death, etc. 

The second simpler booklet, “Mosha's Bread” has the collected information on the now-defunct bakery, which provided the bread for Böröcz's sculpture.

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