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Brush, 1995 / Varied edition of 3 / Human hair, copper wire, leather / Dobbin Mill papers

Size: 5” x 7” x 1.5” (2 books in a case)

Two matchbox-like containers are attached by an accordion of paper with protruding human hair, much like a brush. The boxes hold books, bound on leather cords with waxed linen thread. The two texts, sewn with human hair and copper wires, resonate in their similarities but, like the expansion and compression of the brush-accordion, vary in their meaning and intention.


Additional Thoughts:

This book is the first I did that created an equivalency between a brush and a book.  At the time, I felt the need to move words into a new structure, as I was struggling with how to make words and language master feelings.  I sensed that offering the reader a multi-sensorial experience of language might bridge this gap, and chose to explore words through the sense of touch.

Dedicated to my sister.

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