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2008/20 / by András Böröcz & Robbin Ami Silverberg
Edition of 30 / Archival inkjet printing of text excerpted from “Baal” by Bertolt Brecht, in German and English / Serigraphy by Axelle Editions, NYC / hand stamping & drawing with walnut ink on vellum papers / Dobbin Mill cover papers   

Size: 16" x 6"

Budi is a trip along a river through the land of Budi (slang for an outhouse in Hungarian). With long horizontal pages – many of them foldouts to further capture the extensive landscape -- the ‘budi’ world is populated with anthropomorphized outhouses busy with life and its activities.

In the first days of 2020, Böröcz & Silverberg returned to the Budi edition, adding walnut ink printing, adding an overt scatological component to the bathroom-laden humor. The hand stamped words repeat themselves in 5 different languages.

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