Clew, 2004 / Edition of 14 / Dobbin Mill papers (translucent abaca, and cotton rag/flax), human hair / Letterpress printed at The Artists’ Press in South Africa

Size: 8.75" x 13.5" x .75”

Clew focuses on the marriage tree in a Hindu temple in Durban, South Africa. The text discusses a Hindu ritual where young women wrap a tree with silk threads as a prayer to acquire a husband. The prose, printed in thin lines of red across a translucent paper, crosses over pulp painted commentary on both its front & back and makes connections between marriage & bondage / text & textile.  The final sentence is printed on a hanging tag, which must be spun, in order to be read.


Additional thoughts:

In 2004 we returned to South Africa on a Ford Foundation grant as trustees of the Ampersand Foundation.  At that time, we were invited t Theo Artists’ Press up in the rural province of Mpumalanga, to do a printing project.  I designed Clew in advance, made all the handmade paper in my studio in Brooklyn and arrived with ideas how the proprietor of The Artists’ Press, Mark Attwood, & I would collaborate together.  Fortunately, other ideas percolated – (Mark, who is a master lithographer, was hesitant to print on my translucent papers; I on the other hand, am a mediocre printer and came up with endless impossible ideas, which Mark was willing to try).