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Clutter of Love is a Dream Carved on the Head of a Pin

2003 / Unique / Archival inkjet printing on cut, spun & hand-colored Dobbin Mill papers / Text by the artist

Size: 25" x 22" x 4" (open and hanging on the wall)

The text of Clutter of Love... is a prose text of the tokens of love I've accrued. The list was printed on colored leaves of paper and then cut so the strips hang down from the book like a mane of hair, as this book was designed to hang on a wall.  Some of these pages are also torn or spun into thread-like strands.  


One can only 'read' (turn) the empty filigree-cut white pages.  The resulting re-focus transfers our attention to the spaces between the pages, to the cut strands and to imagine a non-textual choreography to reading.

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