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Detritus (one)

Detritus (one), 2002/8 / Unique in a series of 5, / Mixed media & collage on Dobbin Mill papers with 9/11 detritus

Size: 13.25” x 11.75” x 0.25”

Detritus is a series of pamphlet books about 9/11.  The actual paper was made from pulps mixed with NYC bus & subway maps, maps of the New York metropolitan area, and actual detritus from the destruction of the World Trade Center.  I collected this dust, after visiting the site end of September 2001.  


Additional thoughts:

After 9/11 I went down by Ground Zero, escorted by a policeman through the desolate streets: I filled my pockets with the dust and took handfuls of paper back with me.  At the time, I didn’t know why I did that.  Later - determined to honor what this detritus was and what it all had been and could have been, I added it to pulp made into handmade paper which in turn became the substrate for a series of artist books called Detritus

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