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Robbin Ami Silverberg began making artist books in the early 1980s while training in bookbinding in Vienna, Austria. She later co-founded Dobbin Books in 1991, alongside her already existent paper mill, Dobbin Mill.

Circa five small artist book editions are published yearly, either solo works by Silverberg, or projects in collaboration with international artists and writers.  Collaborators are artists & writers with a wide range of practices, and from Austria, South Africa, Japan, Israel, Germany, Hungary, etc. in addition to the US.

The books explore a range of themes, but consistently and obsessively articulate their ideas: whether in the structure, design, the handcrafted methods of production, the choice of materials, or consideration of the process of reading/viewing.

Methods of production also vary between projects, but the commitment to an activated substrate, with specific Dobbin Mill papers designed and produced for each artist book, has created a definitive look to all Dobbin Books.

Dobbin Mill is a hand papermaking studio in New York City, founded in 1989. Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with easy access to Manhattan and the other boroughs, the studio offers spacious facilities: a professional papermaking studio, an artist book studio, a courtyard for working outdoors, and a papermaker’s garden.

The focus of the work in the Mill is the production of Silverberg’s artwork. It additionally produces the paper used in Dobbin Books’ artist book collaborations.

Dobbin Mill has a commitment to educating others about hand papermaking. As such, each year, Silverberg takes one intern into her studios to gain knowledge and practice in the field. She also teaches workshops in a wide range if subjects concerning the book artist, paper artist, and papermaker.

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