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Duster 2

Duster 2, 2001 / Edition of 47 / Letterpress printing by Peter Kruty Editions on Dobbin Mill abaca & rag papers, wood, flax cord

Size: 30” x 2” x 2” (tube)

The Clutter of Love

The Clutter of Love, 2001 / Unique / Archival inkjet on Dobbin Mill paper, wood, waxed linen cord


I found a dusting brush in Kyoto actually made from the pages of a cut-up block printed book. In response to this almost confounding choice of disposable materials, I produced my own edition of dusters. The text reflects on this shocking creative reuse of a book and the philosophical issues a book-cum-duster can only elicit.


More thoughts:  


I still to this day do not know if the original dusters are a transcendent act or the equivalent of book burning.                  

Duster was the catalyst for an ongoing series of "tool" books, working with the forms, mechanics or parts of common tools. Since 2000, I have made tools/books of various kinds: 3 types of dusters, 5 dustpans & brushes, brooms, clothing hangers, hand mirrors, to name a few.   These book objects reflect on the meaning of the tool and of ' the book', particularly when each is transformed by its 'dual' function.

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