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GuestBook: The House was Quiet 

2016-17 / Varied edition of 15 / one copy in French / In collaboration with Francois Righi, Kim Berman, Carola Willbrand, Erika Hibbert, Kathe Wenzel, Veronika Schaepers, Renate Habinger, Richard Flavin & Ryoko Haranguchi, & Robin Price / Mixed media: letterpress, monoprint, archival inkjet, drypoint, etching, ink, collage, hand coloring, embedded silks, piercing on Dobbin Mill papers

Size: 15.25” x 12.5” X 2” (box)

I invited guest artists who visited Dobbin Mill to participate in a guestbook by making a set of Dobbin Mill papers, that considered their particular style & art practice.  Each artist was requested to respond by working on the 15 sheets of paper sent to them, in lieu of their signatures.

I then designed an artist book with each guest's contribution, utilizing a favorite poem, The House was Quiet and the World was Calm by Wallace Stevens as the cohesive text. In recognition of the range of artistic expressions, I chose to construct it as a set of separate pamphlets in a clamshell, and the project functions both as a whole and in segments.


Guest list, in order of appearance: Francois Righi (France), Kim Berman (South Africa), Carola Willbrand (Germany), Erika Hibbert (US / South Africa), Käthe Wenzel (Germany), Veronika Schaepers (Germany), Renate Habinger (Austria), Richard Flavin & Ryoko Haranguchi (Japan), & Robin Price (US).

Each guest received a copy and the remaining 5 are sale copies.

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