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GuestBook 1998

1999 / Silverberg in collaboration with 10 ‘guests’

Varied edition of 15

11.75" x13.5" x 10.5" (box)

Aware that the many visitors we regularly host are opportunities missed, I came upon a splendid solution: to invite ‘guests’ to ‘sign’ a guest book cum artist book, by collaboration on one of its pages. I make paper specific to each ‘guest’ and they create something in response. I sent out 15 leaves of paper to each: when 10 participants returned their contributions, each received a set and I designed and produced an artist book with the remaining copies.

GuestBook 1998 is the first in this series, with visitors from 3 continents, with a range of ages, talents, etc.

Guests in order of appearance in the book:


- János Sugár, (Media Artist) Budapest, Hungary

- Leora Farber (Sculptor) Johannesburg, South Africa

- Sophia Gruber, (5 years old) Vienna, Austria

- Linda Sihali, (papermaker) Soweto, South Africa

- Katrin Dieckmann, (Painter) Germany & living in NYC

- Döce Varadi, (Geneticist) Budapest, Hungary

- Diane Victor (Artist) Pretoria, South Africa

- Christine, Dixie, (artist), Grahamstown, South Africa

- Arimichi Iwasawa, (Painter), Kyoto, Japan

- Agnés Eperjési, (Photographer) Budapest, Hungary



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