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Knitting Poetry

Knitting Poetry, 1994 / In collaboration with Christiana Wustinger / Varied edition of 4 / Pulp painted abaca Dobbin Mill papers & flax weaving

Size: 20” x 7” x 1.75”

The Gobelin weavings were designed and executed by Christiane Wustinger, Austria; book concept, paper art, design, and construction are by Robbin Ami Silverberg. 

Three tapestries depict imaginary calligraphic poems in Knitting Poetry; each is held in a paper wrapper with the black and graphite pulp-painted image of the hand gestures needed to accomplish the writing, gestures that are missing from the interlacing of two sets of threads at right angles to each other, which is the craft of weaving. Text imagery is created in the textile; the act of writing is suggested by an image within the paper.


More thoughts:

I published 3 artist book collaborations with Christiane in a series called Tapestry Lunchbox, each book involving her weaving in some way.  Each interestingly, began with an idea, discussion & design, then Christiane quickly made the tapestries, which had almost nothing to do with what we designed. The collaboration consisted of me responding to her work and re-discovering new ideas to transform into an artist book. There are different kinds of collaboration, all wonderful if approached with an open mind!

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