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Love Brush

Love Brush, 1999 / Series of 3 / Coffee filter, human hair, archival inkjet on Dobbin Mill papers, wood / Text by the artist

Size: 8.5” x 3” x 2.25”

A study in 'disassociation', Love Brush assembles the disparate objects of an aluminum coffee filter, human hair and intimate photographs to create an end-of-millennium version of a Dada ‘machine’.  Inside its box, a tiny book-cum-brush can be found, a wooden handle with paper bristles full of twisted love thoughts and fading memories.


From Michael Joseph’s essay in the catalog:

“…what does Love Brush have to say about books and reading. Does the experience of looking at Love Brush—pause at the cover, delve into the contents, and then return to the cover—simulate the experience of reading a book? Is the book (the type, sometimes written as The Book, not the token) a kind of Dada machine that produces nonsense, which Allen Watts (hero of my youth) called "the true meaning of life"? Is it a "love brush" in this ideal sense of something awakening us to the "astonishment at existence?"

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