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Mental Mirror

Mental Mirror, 2013/14 / Unique in a series of 3 / In German and English / Mixed media collage on Dobbin Mill papers     

Size: 13” x 11.5” x 2”

The layering of ideas, of stories, of papers, of detritus: Mental Mirror is an expressive take on metaphors of self-awareness & mirrored reflections. Pages display unique collages & photographic imagery, while two texts appear on opposite sides of the cut strips interspersed through this book: the Serbian fairy tale Emperor Trojan’s Goat Ears, and a dream sequence of mine. A third text is an excerpt from “Song of Childhood” by Peter Handke. The layering on the pages is suggestive of both collage art and of bulletin board postings, where viewers remove the rip-off strips to take away. Portions seem to be missing and it feels as if the book’s contents may explode off the page.

Each copy, whether in German or English, has the same text & images of ears, but the pages of collages are unique.

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