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Posting Wall PMVABF

2021 Printed Matter Virtual Art Book Fair

Since 2009 Silverberg has been making postings she places in public spaces, a practice she calls Anamnesis, which means the opposite of forgetting: In this time of COVID, as we are more isolated and confined to our individual spaces, the need for exchange & of public space has become even more essential.

POSTING WALL gives back the public arena, letting people expand out of their homes to a public sphere. Viewers to our page are invited to contribute content drawn or written, -- reflections on books, reading, thinking.

WALL contributors: Robbin Ami Silverberg; Noa Rabinovich; Michael Joseph; Andras Borocz; Carole Naggar; Alta Price; James Prez; Merav Salomon; Courtesy of Martha Wilson and P·P·O·W, New York; Eileen Boxer; Locus Chen; Harley Spiller; Miriam Schaer; Erika Hibbert; Robin Price; Elizabeth Whalley; Rosamond S. King; François Righi; Christopher Arabadjis; Evelyn Eller Rosenbaum; Abigail Donovan; Veronika Schaepers; Theo Ellin Ballew; Elizabeth Whalley; Dean Lalo; Paul van Capelleveen; Stan Pinkwas.

Posting wall layout.jpg
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