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Seitenstetten installation.jpg

Seitenstetten: mother

2013 / unique box set of 2 books & the set of papers used in the apple orchard installation / Archival inkjet on Dobbin Mill papers /

In Summer 2011 Silverberg exhibited 2 installations at the Bildungshaus St. Benedict in Seitenstetten, Austria. mother was in the apple orchard adjacent to the Bildungshaus: a series of paper pieces, depicting images of nests and a German text consisting of imagined apraxia therapy words, were bound with thread to the trees. Apraxia is a speech disorder in which a person has trouble saying what they want to. Therapy includes a process of sounding & practicing certain words, which aids in healing.  


In 2013 the artist made the portfolio, Seitenstetten: mother, containing the actual papers from the three-month outdoor installation and two small artist books. The two books are intimate presentations: one of in situ photos of the apple orchard and the other presents the images & words of the installation. 

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