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Simulacrum (or Mapping)

2023 / Varied edition of 10 / Archival inkjet maps & text embedded in Dobbin Mill papers / Texts: "On Exactitude in Science" by Jorge Luis Borges, 1946, (Blended translation by Diego Doval & Nikos Salingaros) and "Sylvie and Bruno Concluded"  by Lewis Carroll, 1893, excerpt from Chapter 11

Simulacrum (or Mapping) responds to a brilliantly absurd and obviously impossible concept presented in the stories by Jorge Borges & Lewis Carroll that to be true to reality a map would necessarily be 1:1.

Two pamphlets with these texts function as map-like foldouts and are placed in a small folder. It is accompanied by a larger folder with a set of maps displaying the ever-changing borders of historical & present-day Ukraine. The maps have been filigree-cut (revealing the shape of Ukraine at the time). Then they were embedded into translucent paper, which has an additional ripped layer on top, reminding us of the war-torn reality there. These varied historical maps show that cartography is a field that produces diagrams that can only reference the physical world, and therefore, mapping is always subjective.

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