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Tapestry Lunchbox I

1994 / Unique / Wool weaving / Pulp-painted & watermarked rag & iris leaf papers

Size: 18" x 8.5" x 3.5"

With Christiana Wustinger (Austria) and Martin Kubaczek (Japan)

First in a series of paper, Gobelin weaving and poetry collaborative artist books, published in 1994. These books were dialogues between three different media, each with its unique perspective on the written word.

The box opens to reveal Wustinger's leporello consisting of woven pages. Each page has anemic writing covering its surface in grays with a central & colorful organic form. Departing from Gobelin traditions, the backs of the weavings are not covered, revealing the wonderful maze of knots and threads, which form a dialog with the images woven. Below this book, one finds my five-part book that responded to Wustinger’s tapestry: each of the five covers reveals words from a haiku in German by Martin Kubaczek, watermarked & pulp-painted into the accordion paper.

The haiku reads:

Du strickst in Wolle
Ich in wörten; dein Handschuh
Gegen mein Gedicht.

You knit (together) in wool
I in words; your gloves.
Against my poetry.

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