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They Stand Separated

They Stand Separated, 1994/98 / In collaboration with András Böröcz & Endre Kukorelly / Edition of 4 / Drypoint printing on Dobbin Mill rag paper, silkscreen on wood, color photographs

Size: 7” x 22” x 0.875”

Endre Kukorelly wrote this 17-part poem about sexual love after seeing the series of drawings by András Böröcz. The images reflect on a range of oral fixations: boot licking, foot licking, tongue sharpening, tongue union, stamp licking, and more... 


The poem, about a young man's failed & failing sexual experiences, is relegated to the back of the book as a postscript of sorts (text illustrates image) laid out in a fence-like construction of 17 silk-screened wood tongue depressors that can be pulled out to be read. As the book was assembled, color snapshots were bound into the spine of Silverberg & Böröcz miming ‘tongue actions’.


Concept, book design, Dobbin Mill cotton rag paper and binding by Silverberg.

Drypoint & silkscreen printing by James Knight. 


More information:

Endre Kukorelly is a well-known contemporary Hungarian poet, writer & editor.  In 1994 he spent a month at Dobbin Mill, at which time we were already working on this edition.  We asked him to respond to the artwork, and he wrote the text while here in Brooklyn. Over the next 2 years Andras & I continued to work on this artist book collaboration, with Endre’s approval.

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