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Vloekboek, 1997 / In collaboration with John Roome / Edition of 5 / Woodcut printing on Dobbin Mill papers, zippers, matches, matchbox  

Size:13.5” x 10.25” x 2.5”

Vloekboek is a wonderfully sophomoric collaboration. The book grew out of a series of woodcut images collaboratively produced in Durban, South Africa in March, 1997.  After considering the imagery, we decided to work with word puns, focusing on Afrikaans and its obscure richness.  When I returned to the States to design the structure & to edition the book, I settled on a board book (childish) with a black zipper binding, which added a boyish swagger to the book.  A South African matchbox is included in the box and burnt matches are placed into the book.


A translation of the Afrikaans:

Vloekboek - Swear book; Vuurhoutjies - Matches;  Bliksem! - Strike! or Pow!; Bokant jou vuurmaakplek - Above your fireplace, or, beyond your intelligence; doosies - small boxes, or, pussy;  n' pomp is n' pomp is n' pomp ou pellie - a pump is a pump is a pump, ole boy, or: a fuck is a fuck is a fuck, ole boy; and, vuilgat & vuurgat - foul mouth & fire hole, or ass hole.

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