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Vorkuta Poems

Vorkuta Poems, 1994 / In collaboration with Louise McCagg / 1st edition of 20, 2nd edition of 5, 2016 / Letterpress on Dobbin Mill papers, cast pulp

Size: 3.5” x 4” x 7.5”

This book is a tribute to Sára Karig. She wrote these poems when she was sent to Vorkuta to a hard labor camp in 1947 after uncovering voting fraud in the Hungarian election that gave power to the Communists. To help remember the poems, she would write them down on scraps of brown paper, then burn the scraps before each weekly search.  

The edition, published in 1993/94, is limited to 20. Sára's cast head becomes the case, holding the book in its forehead. The mold of Sára's head is by Louise McCagg.  The paper casting, Dobbin Mill paper & binding are by Robbin Ami Silverberg with assistance from Linda Crabhill, and Nuno Henrique for the 2nd edition. Translation into English is by Laszló Baránszky-Jób. Layout of text by Agi Clark and Abraham Marcus. The printing from polymer plates is by Peter Kruty Editions. 

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