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Year of Love Letters

Robbin Ami Silverberg & András Böröcz

Dobbin Books, NY: 2020/23

Edition of 12


Etchings by Böröcz made at Artist Proof Studios, Johannesburg

Magazines & postal stamps designed by Silverberg

Hand stamps carved by Böröcz

Postal stamps printed by Portland Stamp Company

Magazines printed by MagCloud

Dobbin Mill confetti paper, colored Tyvek, vellum & Fabriano Rosaspina printing paper

A creative exchange began in the first  months of Covid: Silverberg set up a diorama in a niche in their bathroom wall using knick-knacks & stuffs collected over the years. Böröcz responded by changing the layout and soon a yearlong ‘dialog’ began between the artist couple. Silverberg photographed the results to document this curious form of communicating in their 30+ years relationship. 


The text used in this book was adapted from a sign Silverberg swiped in 1983 from a pensione in Venezia and kept on her studio wall for years. The adaptation is in (incorrect) English, French, Croatian, German, Hungarian, Dutch and Italian. Responding to the smoking prompt, they opted for a pink fireproof document case to protect their exchange of ‘love letters’.

The book is comprised of eight vellum envelopes, each with two etchings and the text, and four magazines in separate Tyvek envelopes, stamped and labeled. A final envelope holds a complete sheet of these stamps, which were made specially for this book.

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